How to take 7/12 print online? (Know all about Printout)

Let’s know how to print 7/12 online. The right-click option of the mouse is disabled on AnyRoR website. But, still, you can Print your land record. Once you see land record details appear on your computer screen. Then press a shortcut key Ctrl+P to take the printout, then Save your land record in your local folder. This method only works on a desktop or laptop.

But, these online land records are only for Information Purpose so, you can’t use this printout for any official purpose. Such as you can’t use it to get a loan from the bank and you can’t use it as evidence at the time of selling your land. but you can use this printout as Information purpose only.

Gujarat Satbara Print Out

If you want Authorized Copy of land record for official purpose then you can collect Physical Authorized Copy from your nearest Tahsil office or Revenue Department. You can use it for any official purpose such as you can apply for a loan on your land and you can show it as evidence when you are selling your land.

Print 7/12

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