Mutation of Land and Property (Intkal/ Dakhil Kharij)

What is a Intkal of Property?

(Property Mutation) –

Change of Owner’s Name in government land records called Property Mutation and Intkal of Property. After you buy any property or land you have to do the Mutation of that Property after the Sale Deed.

After the Mutation of Property, you can see New Owner in Land Records Instead of Old Owner Name who sold the land to New Owner.

All the changes in land records are recorded by Talathi in Entry Details. You can check all the previous changes to your land record in VF-6 Entry Details.

Type of Property/Land

  • Agricultural Property
  • Other Property – Residential, Commercial, Industrial and other Build Up Land.

What is Sale Deed?

A Sale Deed is a legal document that shows the transfer of ownership of property. It is used as evidence of the sale of property from the seller to the buyer.

Many people think that once they buy the property and gets the sale deed registered they will become an owner. But, unfortunately, No, they will become owners only when their name will appear on government land records. You can use your Sale Deed as evidence to do Mutation of your Property.

135-D Notice of Mutation

After you buy property you will not become an owner of that property until your Name will not appear on government land records.

You have to do a Mutation of land and property. Once your land Registration process is Complete you can do Mutation.

In this process, Talathi Release a 135-D Notice of Mutation and ask for the objection to the current owner and public for the changes in land records.

After the 135d notice period, Talathi makes a change in land records by verifying all the Documents of Sale Deed.

Once Talathi makes changes then you will see New Owner Name instead of Old Owner in land records, and these changes are recorded by the Talathi in VF-6 Entry Details.

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