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The Anyror Gujarat is a land record portal for obtaining Urban Land Records. Citizens now easily access and review the Urban Land Records of Gujarat. This user-friendly platform offers a seamless experience, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through the available records and gather the necessary information they need.

Whether it is for personal or professional purposes, the Anyror Portal ensures that individuals have quick and convenient access to the Urban Land Records of Gujarat, making it an invaluable resource for anyone in need of accurate and up-to-date land records.

SubjectUrban Land Records
Portal NameAnyror Gujarat

Available Urban Land Records

  • 1) Property Card (મુળ કાર્ડ) 2) Unit Property Card (એકમ કાર્ડ) >>
    • SURVEY NO DETAILS (સરવે નંબરની વિગતો)
    • NONDH NO. DETAILS (નોંધ નંબરની વિગત)
    • 135D NOTICE DETAILS (૧૩૫ડી નોટિસની વિગત)
    • KNOW SURVEY NO. BY OWNER NAME (ધારણકર્તાના નામ પરથી સરવે નંબર જાણવા)
    • ENTRY LIST BY MONTH-YEAR (વર્ષ અને મહિના મુજબ નોંધોની વિગત)
    • KNOW SURVEY NO DETAIL BY UPIN (UPIN પરથી સરવે નંબરની વિગત જાણવા)

Search Urban Land Records

To check your Urban Land record select any one option 1) Property Card (મુળ કાર્ડ) 2) Unit Property Card (એકમ કાર્ડ) (we are selecting property card) then Select the District, City Survey Office, Ward, Survey No., and Sheet No., after that click on the Get Record Detail button.

Urban Land Records

As a result of your search, the selected Urban Land Record Details will be displayed on your screen for easy access and reference. This record contains all the relevant information regarding the Urban Area land, providing you with a detailed overview of land ownership.

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